Almost Done!

Posted Tue, 11/03/2009 - 16:29 by mattacker

Much of the interior work is done, as you can see.  In the coming 2 weeks:

-The kitchen countertops will be installed.

-The plumbers will finish.

-The solar panels will be installed.

-A rain retention system will be installed.

-Landscaping will be completed.

-Exterior doors will be painted.

-Mirrors and shower door installed.

-Carpeting laid.

-Final Energy Star Test (blower door).

-Final Cleaning.

-Final Inspection.

Any the many various other things that make the final weeks so hectic.  Sounds like alot, but this is managable.  I just hope the weather stays dry for us to finish the outside yard work by the time the Paulisses move in.  Which is slated for the week of November 16th.