Almost Done!

Posted Tue, 11/03/2009 - 16:29 by mattacker

Much of the interior work is done, as you can see.  In the coming 2 weeks:

-The kitchen countertops will be installed.

-The plumbers will finish.

-The solar panels will be installed.

-A rain retention system will be installed.

-Landscaping will be completed.

-Exterior doors will be painted.

-Mirrors and shower door installed.

-Carpeting laid.

-Final Energy Star Test (blower door).

-Final Cleaning.

-Final Inspection.

Any the many various other things that make the final weeks so hectic.  Sounds like alot, but this is managable.  I just hope the weather stays dry for us to finish the outside yard work by the time the Paulisses move in.  Which is slated for the week of November 16th.

Spray Foam in the Attic

Posted Thu, 10/08/2009 - 08:10 by mattacker

These images are of the insulators spray foaming the attic.  They foamed the entire roof truss perimeter, on top of all interior walls, and then gave can lights and other penetrations more insulation and air infiltration protection.  This foam insulation is in addition to the loose fill cellulose that gets blown in afterwards.


Insulation is done!

Posted Fri, 09/18/2009 - 17:35 by mattacker

Today we completed the insulation.  This was much more then a standard insulation package.  The work was done by Alpine Insulation and included the following:

-BIB (blown in batt) insulation.  This is a loose fill insulation that they blow into a netted cavity, and fill it up from bottom to top.  It has more R-Value then a standard batt, and has the added benefit of "form fitting" around pipes and wires and such.

-Polyurethane Foam insulation.  This is simply the best type of insulation that is readlity available on the residential market.  It's R-value and air infiltration specs are very impressive.  On Kevin's home, we used this stuff in the most "bang for the buck" areas.  Such as a cantalever on the 2nd floor, the floor area that is over the garage,  the box sill areas in the basement  (since this is an area that naturally draws in air), and area's in the attic will get this as well once the drywall is hung.

-Also caulking of the bottom plates, smart visqueen placement, and other methods were used to make this an extremely air tight house.

Insulation has been inspected and approved, next week: drywall!


A Look Ahead (2)

Posted Tue, 09/01/2009 - 12:50 by mattacker

The framing is getting wrapped up.  They still have to install the windows, and build the screen porch and other "punch list" items.  But as you can see, the structure is built.  Here is what's next:

-It's time for the subs to "rough it in."  The HVAC, plumber, and electrician are going to commence the rough work.  This should ake about 1.5 to 2 weeks, and ends with the inspector saying we are good to cover up the walls.

-In this time frame, we will pour the garage floor.

-The insulator will insulate spots that will be covered by tubs.

-We are also going to have our 1st meeting with Laura Paprocki to consult on energy conservation matters.  I'll go into detail on this after the meeting.

A Look Ahead

Posted Tue, 08/11/2009 - 09:55 by mattacker

We have started framing on the home, its always exciting to see the home take form.  Here is a look at what should be happening the next couple weeks:

-The framing crew should be finishing up in 2 weeks, trusses roof and all.  Its always a hussle to get the roof on, and enclose the structure so it gets rained on as little as possible.

-Shingle the roof

-Soon we will begin the underground plumbing.  With that done and inspected, we will lay 2" foam to insulate the floor, per Kevin's request, and then pour the basement floor.

-Drill and pour footings for screened in porch and deck.

Thats about 2 weeks worth of work, with big emphasis on the framers actually building the structure.