First floor ceiling and preparation for slab

Posted Mon, 08/17/2009 - 20:16 by kpbadger

Here is today's installment of pictures from the lot.

The basement under-slab insulation and vapor barrier have been placed. We have contracted for 2 inch thick foam insulation, which has an R-10 rating.  Our "Manual J" heat loss calculation estimated that this would save up to 8000 BTU/hr.

It appears that when the basement is poured, the front porch will be also. It also appeared that there was some leftover foam board which will go below the front porch slab (which is the roof of the tornado shelter). Here is a picture of the waterproofed ceiling with foam board insulation:

The house continues to take shape, with the ceiling of the first floor now installed, and also the landing on the staircase. As the house begins to take shape, we can label the rooms:

Family RoomKitchenStairs / Landing

Today we also finalized our change orders for plumbing fixtures and our Power-Pipe drain heat recovery unit, and we scheduled the closing for our construction loan.