This morning, I met Matt and the folks from Dave Jones plumbing out at the house to discuss the placement of the drain pipes below the basement floor. We rearranged things slightly to accommodate our future drain heat recovery unit, and also to preserve our plan for the eventual finishing of the lower level. The rough plumbing was installed today and passed the inspection this afternoon.

Flanders Electric was also present this morning to install our electrical breaker box.

The framers completed the interior walls of the first floor.


Matt also pointed out some features around the job site. (He would be awesome on a "video blog" so we'll try to get that going.)  Anyway, first off is the under-slab insulation.  It is 2 inches thick and provides a R-10 insulation factor. Matt explained that unlike the foam board that's on the framing, this insulation is specifically designed to bear the weight of concrete poured on it.

The schedule as of this morning was to deploy the foam board over the basement floor once the plumbing was inspected, and pour the concrete floor on Monday. The plumbing inspection was this afternoon, and it passed, according to the tag.

Also with regard to insulation, check out the following picture. You'll notice that there is some gray insulation and some blue insulation.

Matt explained that this is because of a new code. The blue foam insulation has a better R-value. However, every so often, they need to put up plywood, for wall strength. They put the gray insulation over the plywood, which results in a lower R-value.

That's it for today -- the hope remains to get the roof on by the end of next week, weather permitting.