#PtsDescriptionImplementation Notes
A.31Home located within 0.5 miles of a bus stop, bike route, or transit stop.Bike trail is located 3 lots north of the lot.
A.41Home located within 0.5 miles of shopping/offices/retail.

One retail (Nonn's Flooring) and two corporate offices (Springs Window Fashions and National Electrostatics Corporation) are within 0.5 miles. See map:

 A.5 1Home located within 0.5 miles of a school.

Northside Elementary is within 0.5 miles. See map above for item A.4.

 A.10 1Screened porch is provided to create an unconditioned, sheltered outdoor space. 
 B.3 1Save and reuse all site topsoil.
 B.41Trees and natural features on site protected during construction.
Wash out concrete trucks in slab or pavement sub-base areas.
Rainwater recovery from roof for watering (min. 50 gallon storage capacity).
Provide infiltration system for rooftop run-off (e.g. rain gardens, drain tile, bioswales, ponds, etc).
B.181Edible landscape planting/plan for food garden. 
B.191Provide a list of native, non-invasive plants to homeowners. 
B.221Provide information to homeowners on how to minimize fertilizer and pesticide use. 
B.281Establish and maintain a single stabilized construction entrance. 
B.291Provide onsite supervision and coordination during site clearing, grading, trenching, paving, and installation of utilities to ensure that green building measures are implemented. 
B.311Utilize an approach not listed that meets the goals of this section.Lot was short fill, make-up fill was from lot in same subdivision less than 0.2 miles away that had too much fill. Corrected fill conditions on two lots with minimal energy and cost.
C.21Massing of home and/or addition respects solar access of adjacent properties by conforming to GBH defined solar access guidelines. 
C.41New deciduous trees provided on south side or evergreens on west side of house such that when mature they will shade the house. Native species, min. 2.5" caliper, 3'-0" high. 
C.71Advanced sealing package in addition to basic sealing practices (sealing at top and bottom plates, corners and between cavities and penetrations). 
C.93Blower door test with 0.10 CFM/sq. ft. or less -- to be determined at completion of home. (New Home) OR Blower door test indicating air leakage reduction of at least 30%.  (Remodeling) Blower door test was 0.08 CFM/sq. ft!!!!!
C.101Sill plate sealed with caulk (sill plate to foundation and rim to sill plate). 
C.111Gaps between can light housings and drywall caulked. 
C.121Gaps between exhaust fan housings and drywall caulked. 
C.131All penetrations to the exterior are sealed both inside and outside. 
C.161Windows throughout are ENERGY STAR or have a U value less than or equal to 0.35 (NFRC label).List manufacturer: Pella
C.181Windows throughout have an air leakage rating less than or equal to 0.06 cfm/ft.List manufacturer: Pella
C.201No metal frame windows in house, including basements, unless thermally broken. 
C.211East facing glass has NFRC label solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) less than 0.40.List manufacturer: Pella
C.221West facing glass has NFRC label solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) less than 0.40.List manufacturer: Pella
C.281Furnace located to minimize length of total duct runs. 
C.302Furnace is equipped with an electronically commutated motor (ECMs/variable speed motor).List manufacturer & model: Carrier 50YDV064
C.311High efficiency air conditioner or heat pump (ENERGY STAR qualified, SEER 14+ or COP 4.5+) if A/C provided.List manufacturer & model: Carrier 50YDV064
C.331Ductwork in unconditioned space or exterior walls insulated (R-13 min.). 
C.341Duct design complies with Manual D or equivalent. 
C.352HVAC supplies and returns are fully ducted (no use of building cavities). 
C.361All ductwork joints sealed with mastic or aluminum tape. 
C.372Airflow for each duct run measured and balanced to within 15 cfm of design value. 
C.391Two properly supported ceiling fans installed (ENERGY STAR label encouraged).  
C.401Ceiling fan pre-wires provided in habitable rooms (min. 2 pre-wires not including bedrooms). Great room and den
C.412Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV) installed.

List contractor: Modern Heating & Cooling

C.433Geothermal heat pump. (ENERGY STAR labeled encouraged).List contractor: Modern Heating & Cooling
C.441Zoned HVAC system (1 point per additional zone). 
C.471Document proper sizing of HVAC system using Manual J or equivalent. 
C.481High efficiency fireplace such as direct vent gas, Rumford, or masonry heater; or no fireplace installed.(No fireplaces)
C.501Provide gas rough-in for appliances. 
C.541Light-colored interior walls, ceiling and soffit. Mid tone to light color flooring/carpet (min. 75%). 
C.551Install ENERGY STAR light fixtures (min. 4 fixtures).  (plus 47 more!)
C.561Furnish five compact fluorescent light bulbs to homeowner (ENERGY STAR labeled encouraged).These are pre-installed in nearly every light fixture in the house.
C.581Install lighting dimmers, timers, or motion detectors (min. 4 fixtures).

List location: master bathroom master bedroom, back rear bedroom, dining room (for porch light)

C.591Motion detector activators or photocells/timers on all exterior lighting. Photocells
C.601Solar powered walkway or outdoor area lighting (min. 6 fixtures). 
C.643No can lights in insulated ceiling. 
C.653Home has an ENERGY STAR Advanced Lighting Package (ALP). 
C.662LEDs used in lieu of CFLs or incandescent for general, task or accent lighting. 
D.11Masonry and stone regionally produced (within 500 miles). Prostone - Toledo, Ohio
D.41Decks, site furnishings and/or other outdoor structures constructed with sustainable, low-toxicity materials: reused wood, certified sustainable yield wood, or recycled plastic/wood fiber composites.List product: Portico recycled wood/fiber composite
D.61Recycled fly ash concrete used(minimum 15% fly ash content).List contractor: Feuling concrete
D.101Reusable foundation forms used to reduce waste (e.g. metal rather than site built wood forms). 
D.111Low toxicity form release agents used on concrete form work.List product: Blue Ribbon
D.151Reusable foundation bracing not constructed of framing lumber used.Metal foundation bracing does not require bracing from framing lumber. See picture for D.10.
D.181Provide weather protection for stored materials. 
D.191No use of 2x10 or greater dimension solid lumber in floors or roof systems"The beams are not solid wood.  The big orange ones are laminated beams, the smaller wood colored ones are Anthony Power Beams." --Matt Acker
D.211Engineered wood "I" joists or truss joists used for floors 
D.221Trusses or "I" joists used for roofs 
D.231Engineered lumber products for beams, joists or headers 
D.241Finger-jointed studs, engineered stud material, or plate materials used 
D.25 Optimum Value Engineering (O.V.E.) advanced framing package used (e.g. 24” O.C. studs, 3 stud corners, etc.) as developed by the NAHB. 
 .332'-0" framing module 
 .33centralized cutting areas 
 .33detailed job-site framing plans 
 .33two stud corners 
 .33header hangers 
 .33reduced cripples/jacks 
 .33optimized sheathing 
 .33reduced waste factor 
D.381Fiber-cement or wood composite siding (min. 50% of siding used).
D.482Drywall with more than 90% recycled-content gypsum used.List product: United States Gypsum
D.491High strength 1/2 inch drywall substituted for 5/8 drywall on ceilings.List product: United States Gypsum
D.512No vinyl siding, soffit, facia, trim, or windows. 
D.521Factory finished wood, fiber cement, or composite siding used. 
D.531Siding and exterior trim primed on all sides. 
D.561Insulated sheathing used. 
D.581Recycled content insulation used (min. 25% recycled content and min. 50% of insulation).List product: Certainteed Optima
D.592Blown/sprayed-in insulation used at walls. 
D.611Below slab insulation installed. 
D.741Bamboo flooring used (New Home: min. 100 sq. ft.) (Remodel: min. 75 sq. ft.). 
D.791Recycled content carpet pad used (100% of pad used). 
D.812Carpet provided by a company that agrees to take it back for recycling at end of its useful life.Drexel Interiors
D.832No vinyl flooring or base trim. 
D.841Utilize an approach not listed that meets the goals of this section.List approach: Carpet (Mohawk SmartStrand) is made from a renewably sourced polymer and making the carpet uses much less energy than other carpets.
E.11Take measures to avoid air pollution or IAQ problems due to construction dust. 
E.31Measures taken to reduce carbon monoxide infiltration using one of the following four methods (one point max.): ...
Weather-sealed door.  Like Matt said, "We do this anyway because we live in Wisconsin."
E.41Foundation drainage system tied to sealed sump pit for potential radon mitigation. 
E.91Furnace and/or duct mounted HEPA filter.  Chose only one of E.7 or E.8 or E.9. 
E.101All ductwork joints sealed with water based, low V.O.C. mastic (less than 30g/l) or metalized tape. 
E.131ENERGY STAR qualified residential ventilating (bath) fans used.List manufacturer and model #: Broan QTRExxxFLT
E.161Bath fans installed with smooth ducting and short, straight runs. 
E.171Spring loaded, weather stripped fan dampers installed. 
E.201Use non-toxic cleaners. 
E.211Ventilate the home after each new finish is applied. 
E.231Washed stone installed under basement slab for potential radon mitigation. 
E.241Rough-in venting provided for potential radon mitigation. 
E.271Formaldehyde-free insulation used. 
E.382Carpet and Rug Institute Green Label +Plus IAQ label on all carpet used. 
E.391Hardboard content doors with MDI or non-toxic binders used.List supplier/product: Aristokraft cabinetry from Drexel Interiors
E.411All exposed particleboard containing formaldehyde sealed with non-toxic sealer. 
E.421Utilize an approach not listed that meets the goals of this section.List approach: All cabinetry certified by Kitchen Cabinet Makers Association Environmental Stewardship Program
E.43 Low V.O.C paints (less than 250 g/l for water based, less than 380 g/l for solvent based) used throughout. One point each: 
 1interior primer 
 1interior finishList product: Sherwin-Williams
E.481Supply workers with V.O.C. safe masks. 
F.11Front loading, horizontal axis clothes washer provided. 
F.21Select bathroom faucets with GPM less than code or install low-flow aerators. 
F.31Select kitchen faucets with GPM less than code or install low-flow aerators. 
F.41Select showerheads with GPM less than code or install low-flow aerators. 
F.111All showers are equipped with only one showerhead. 
F.121Dual flush or ultra low flow toilet with GPF less than code installed.
F.163Gas water heater with energy factor of more than 0.62 for direct vented.List model: Bradford White M1TW50S6FBN-478
F.182No use of electric domestic hot water heating equipment.Disregard that electric hot water tank connected to the geothermal system: read more.
F.201All other fixtures within 20 pipe feet of water heater or provide heat trap.Heat traps are built-in (factory installed) on our hot water heater.
F.263Drain water heat recovery unit installed. 
F.312Utilize an approach not listed that meets the goals of this section.Geothermal unit has desuperheater for hot water generation for "free" hot water during cooling season. Added second buffer hot water tank to improve desuperheater efficiency.
G.11Posted job site recycling plan.

Recycle or reuse job site waste (glass, aluminum cans, plastic bottles and cardboard are required to be recycled by law and receive NO points). 1 point for each material:

  • asphalt roofing (75% landfill diversion)
  • wood scraps (75% landfill diversion)
  • pallets (75% landfill diversion)
  • metal (75% landfill diversion)
  • gypsum wall board (75% landfill diversion)
City Waste sorts all mentioned materials at the recycling center.
G.121Document substantial design strategies to reduce waste from construction. 
G.141Donate excess materials to a non-profit organization or charity. Acker Builders frequently donates excess materials to Habitat for Humanity
H.21At least one recent action taken to visibly market Green Built Home program. middletongreenhome.com
H.31Conduct homebuyer orientation during final walk-through (point out Green Built features, how to maintain them, operate them, etc.) 
H.41At least one recent training event conducted for realtor/sales staff. 
H.53Provide homebuyer with guaranteed energy bills at least 25% below the average of that for a typical new home of the same square footage. 
H.61Builder attendance at one recent green building-related educational event. 
H.73Builder's own idea for innovation, education, and encouraging homeowners to take care of their home in an environmentally-friendly way (1 point for each innovative approach not to exceed 3 points)List idea: List idea: (1) Provide homeowner with pictures of walls and ceiling taken with electrical wiring and plumbing installed before drywall goes on, to reduce potential waste for future upgrades or repairs. (2) Provide homeowner with a “Kill-a-watt” meter (or similar) to determine the largest power draws. (3) Teach the homeowner how to set the hot water heater's temperature because even though this is covered in a manual, some may not know how (or think) to do it.
H.81Establish a "Green Team". Identify employees and/or subcontractors, their roles and how they relate to various phases of green development and building. 
H.91Create and implement an integrated design process to increase communication between the homeowner, design team, general contractor, subcontractors, the city’s building department and other stakeholders. 
H.101Provide homeowner with information and enrollment materials for the local utility's renewable energy program.


(To conserve paper resources, and given that the homeowners are internet-literate, the URL for enrollment was provided.)

H.112Provide the buyer with the first year enrollment costs of 100% of electricity provided by the local utility's renewable energy program. 
H.125Use suppliers whose operations and business practices include environmental management system concepts (the product, plant, or company must be ISO 14001 or equivalent certified). 1 point per supplier, min. 50% of purchased material coming from each supplier. (max. 5 points)List supplier/product: Certainteed (insulation & siding – company is ISO 14001 certified); Mohawk Flooring (SmartStrand carpet – factory is ISO 14001 certified); KitchenAid (appliances – Whirlpool Corp has standards equivalent to ISO 14001); Electrolux (cooktop – company is ISO 14001 certified); Teragren (bamboo) factories are ISO 14001 certified
H.171Homeowner provided with operations and maintenance manual. 
I.22Above grade finished and conditioned space 2000-2249 sq. ft.The green built verifier manual instructs the verifier to exclude space above the garage in this calculation. 1114+1433-400=2147 sq. ft.
I.61Lot size less than 7500 sq. ft. 
I.82Home designed for flexibility to allow for changing uses in the future (rough-ins for future bathrooms, finish flooring runs under partitions, reconfigurable spaces, etc.).That's a rough-in for a bathroom. Other techniques including placement of drain pipes within future walls.
I.92Home utilizes incremental design techniques with documented provisions to expand to meet future growing needs (roof trusses designed for additions, room layouts configured for additions, etc.).The plans include a detailed design for future lower level. Drain pipes, posts, and beams are located in future walls. Geothermal wells are in the front yard so that expansion of the house out the back is possible in the future.
I.121Bonus room provided over garage.Green Built verifier manual defines this as any livable space above the garage. In our case, it's a complete bedroom, closet, and part of another bedroom.
I.151Utilize an approach not listed that meets the goals of this section.List approach: Footprint of house is nearly as small as possible for the space provided and nearly all space above garage utilized