A hole where a house will soon be

Posted Mon, 07/27/2009 - 21:31 by kpbadger

Today was a busy day at the lot.

In the morning they dug the hole for the house and put down rocks where the driveway will be. (I can only assume that this is "establishing a stabilized construction entrance" which is a point on the green built list.)

In the afternoon they put in the outline of the foundation walls.

Matt Acker contacted us via e-mail with some additional information about how the house will sit on the lot:

Your foundation will be 2' above the curb.  This is good drainage for the front, the back has no problem either.  We did change the exposures slightly, which is common... matched the natural grade better.

It is good news to us that we will not have a severely sloped driveway, so that our Priuses can get up better in the winter. And of course, matching the natural grade of the land will be less disruptive and less expensive than trying to impose our will on the landscape.  It is exciting to see the house start to take shape after more than three months of planning.